Mowing Services

A lawn to be proud of
Lawn mowing, edging, repair and fertilising. Instant turf laying.

Chainsaw Work

Lopping & clearing
Reduction and removal of large branches and whole trees

Weed Control

Environmental Weed Removal
Brushcutting, spraying and hand weeding of blackberries and other weeds

Pruning Services

Trimming for shape & health
Roses, shrubs and ornamental, fruit & native trees

Hedge Trimming

Shaping & maintenance
Everything from tall dividing hedges to decorative box edging.

Planting & Advice

Advice, selection & planting
Specialising in large area landscaping and mass native plantings.

We have all the equipment to get the job done right.

Specialising in

  • General property & garden maintenance

    Do you live in the Yarra Valley part-time? When you’re a ‘Fly In – Fly Out Owner’ you want to spend your time enjoying being on your property, not maintaining it. Imagine arriving at your property and all that’s been done!

  • Preparing a property for sale

    Need help getting your property ready for sale? A buyer’s first impression makes ALL the difference – with our help, your grounds will have immediate ‘WOW factor’ guaranteeing you top dollar. We can also prepare your property for a rental inspection.

  • Garden renovation & rejuvenation

  • Large area maintenance

    Are you a large property owner? Do you simply not have the time to mow, brush cut and maintain such a large area? We do, and we have all the necessary equipment too.

  • Showcase Gardens

    Does your tourism venue need beautiful relaxing gardens for your guests? Your gardens could be a major asset and draw card – let us breathe new life into your property’s grounds and showcase them at their absolute best, then watch the 5 star reviews pour in.

  • Fire Safety

    Is your property safe for summer? Regular ongoing maintenance protects you and your family during bushfire season – we’re here to make that happen.

This is what we do. Contact us so we help you?